Simon and his wife Caritas then created the Ndengera Center, which is the Kinyarwanda imperative meaning “help me”. The organization, which is part of the church and has 24 case manager volunteers from the congregation, is designed to help the community in general, with a focus on ministering to the widows and orphans, not just from an emotional level, but from a practical level.

They currently collect rain water from the roofs, as there water source. Simon assigned the head school teacher (Patrick) and the head mechanics teacher (Revelier) to head-up the well building effort.

We built and installed a simple Canzee pump out of PVC. In the end we were able to install a working, simple pump that the women and children were are able to use. We were surprised at the type of soil we found here. We expected the water table to be much shallower. The soil here had lots of hard clay.

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