The first officially purchased Hydromissions EXP-50 Explorer drilling rig went to Nicaragua with Calvary Chapel of Greenville, SC. Combined with teams from other churches, a total of 46 people traveled to Nueva Guinea (about 160 miles southeast of Managua) to conduct medical clinics, well drilling, radio tower set-up, and other construction projects. Plans are underway to return annually.

Between March 27, 2004 and April 3, 2004, some hand dug were noted in the immediate area, ranging everywhere from 20-90 feet deep according to locals. The team had only one day to drill. Some small (baseball-sized) rock was encountered, but able to be removed with the cracking bit. The team drilled to an impressive 45 feet in one day, until hitting moist clay and another rock, at which time daylight was giving out. The well was left to be completed by locals.

October, 2008 we teamed up with Holy Water Group for a joint project in the area of Rivas. We worked with a local church team and left behind an EXP-50 Explorer drilling rig for them to continue to drill in more remote areas.

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