How to Give Clean Water

In American culture, we often take for granted how vital water is. Water is the most fundamental resource for sustaining life. Although not ideal, you could live for up to three weeks without food. However, you can only live for three days without water. Even though water is absolutely essential for life, more than 748 million people worldwide are without access to clean, safe drinking water. In third-world countries where the inability to access clean water is most prevalent, entire villages of people are trapped in the cycle of poverty because they are forced to spend several hours every day collecting water and must sacrifice working or attending school.

Over 3 million people die every year from either lack of access to safe drinking water or waterborne illness due to lack of sanitation. Nearly all of the deaths caused by lack of safe drinking water happen in developing third world countries.

You can give clean water to people in need all over the world. There are many ways that you can get involved to help us do our part to end the water crisis, one small village at a time. With the support of people just like you, Hydromissions gives reliable access to clean, safe drinking water and sanitary restroom facilities.

The district of Rubavu, Rwanda
The district of Rubavu, Rwanda 2014

Lives Touched

We built and installed a simple Canzee pump out of PVC. In the end we were able to install a working, simple pump that the women and children were are able to use. We were surprised at the type of soil we found here. We expected the water table to be much shallower. The soil here had lots of hard clay. It is also somewhat expensive here for resources, costing approximately $375 to dig, build, and establish a pump and well system. But, the items we bought were some of the best supplies that I have found in Africa. The PVC was very thick and strong, and of high quality. With Patrick and Revelier being permanent fixtures there, I truly believe that more pumps will be built.