Our September, 2006 trip to Kenya far exceeded even what we had expected (and we had expected a lot)! A successful well was drilled, several new technologies were introduced, soap-making was taught, and above all, the gospel was clearly and consistently given in word and deed. Through this project, three tribes (Kipsigis, Kikuyu, and Masai) came together for extensive training in well drilling in Reresik (a community of about 1000 families near Roret and Kericho). They will use their new knowledge as they continue to serve as local missionaries to neighboring communities. For our time in Nairobi, we were privileged to connect with some of the team from CBMI (Christian Blind Mission International), whom we first met in Mauldin, SC – just a mile from our home. Small world. In addition, this trip was the pilot program for our soap making training. It was met with great success and excitement to the point that the community intends to make a go of commercial soap production for their local market.


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