Papua New Guinea


New Tribes Mission is a Tribal Church Planting Mission whose focus is reaching the unreached people groups of the world who have little to no gospel witness in their own heart language. With the goal of seeing people not only saved, but continuing churches planted, matured, and equipped to go wherever God sends them in the future. They believe that in order for someone to believe what God has done for them, someone must go and take the time to learn their heart language so that the gospel can be presented clearly.

Ben and Nikki Buckner are the local missionaries from New Tribes Mission who are stationed in Galilo village. They hosted our team while we were there in Papua New Guinea. For this trip, we ended up boring five different holes, casing two of them and putting a pump on one of them. There were also some existing wells (4 in all) that had been dug and cased. They just did not have pumps on them.

The water table seemed to be between 25-35 feet deep at each of these existing wells. There seemed to be an abundance of water everywhere, just the lack of knowledge of different pump options, and the lack of initiative to fix what already existed. On this trip we found an abundance of everything we needed. There were so many choices, which actually makes it more difficult to do this project. When you have so many choices/options, one tends to hem and haw over every little issue, thinking that we can make it “perfect”. In the first borehole, we managed to get approximately 45 feet, but were unsatisfied with the amount of water that we saw.

The second borehole we only got about 12 feet and hit a rock layer that we could not penetrate. The third borehole kept collapsing on us. The fourth borehole, we managed to dig 31 feet and case the well. We got a decent colum of water and a decent recharge rate. We built and installed a simple Canzee pump out of PVC. Upon testing the well we realized that we used too big of PVC and the colum of water to be lifted was much too heavy; so we had to start over somewhat and use smaller PVC. In the end we were able to install a working, simple pump that the women and children were are able to use.


Papua New Guinea

Successfully Dug Well

November 2012

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