In 2009 Living Water Nepal registered as a Non-Governmental Organization serving the water and hygiene education needs of people in different areas of Nepal. They serve the poor communities with water, health awareness education, and water purification technology. They use local Pastors and youth leaders as volunteers during the implementation period of the projects.

For this trip, we ended up boring holes at three different villages/sites: four holes at village #1, two holes at village #2, and five holes at village #3. We then ended up going back to village #1 and sought assistance from a local drilling company to complete the well and pump at the first village. Living Water Nepal is also planning on going back to village #2 and village #3 to complete a well for each village. The presence of water is abundant at this village; but the presence of clean water is not. The water table is fairly shallow.

There were several working pumps in the village; one that the village deemed “unclean”, one that was broken and never repaired, and one that is fully functioning and works. The village family was in need of another well to help service them and some surrounding families. At the first village we manage to get to approximately 13 feet with each of the four holes before hitting a hard rock/cobble layer. We dug from 900 am to 600 pm but were unable to penetrate through this layer. So, the next day, we decided to move onto the second village.



October 2011

Collapsing disrupted well drilling

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