Allow Us To Speak To Your Organization

Spread the Word, Spread the Mission

One big way you can help us spread the word about what we’re doing at Hydromissions is by allowing us to speak to your group or organization. We depend on partnerships with people and organizations in order to continue doing our work. Your involvement can help us give clean water, eliminate preventable water-related deaths and diseases and transform lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The water crisis is real and it’s affecting women, children and families in rural villages and remote communities in countries all over the world.

Our associates have shared with churches, public schools, at engineering conferences, youth groups, universities and service-based clubs. Although we are a faith-based organization, our presentation can be tailored to fit your group’s specific needs and interests. By allowing us to speak to your organization, you’re giving us the opportunity to share our message of hope and our mission with those around you. 

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