In March, 2010 we, in partnership with Rescue Aid Foundation (RAF), worked in 2 villages to address water issues. Adawukwaa, located in Ghana’s central region proved to be difficult for drilling by hand (a lot of rock). However, the village already had the means for distillation of a cane sugar alcohol product. Although we were not able to put a well into that village, we are looking to work with RAF and village elders to convert an abandoned still into a water purification station. We then moved on to the Volta region (Togbui Zonyibah Ativedome) and drilled a successful well there, improving the quality of the water supply (they were using a pond), and reducing the walk for water by 2 miles. This was also the first field trip for our Associates, Scotty and Christine Longmire. A very successful trip all around.

Hands of Mercy took an EXP-50 with them in May, 2006. The motto of the group is “a hand up, not a hand out.” We like that. June/July of 2007 will see Every Child Ministries engaged in a water-based community outreach. They will be using solar pumps in conjunction with hand drilled wells. The team plans on drilling in various areas throughout the country.


Adawukwaa – Ghana’s central region

March 2010

Projects in this region

Well digging, borehole training, hygiene training, soap making, new technologies introduction.

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