El Salvador


The tiny village of La Cumbre Del Olvido, literally meaning “The Summit of Oblivion,” is home to about 32 families, a population of roughly 210 people. Oblivion is the state of being forgotten or unknown, and as the name suggests, this village is extremely isolated.

Most of the villagers are subsistence farmers, meaning whatever is planted and harvested is consumed by the farmer and his family, leaving nothing to be marketed and sold for other basic needs.
The area has a six month rainy season followed by a six month dry season. The dry season is detrimental to these farmers and their families as the only stream used for drinking dries up.

The area was not conducive to hand drilling because of the rocky soil.

We returned to scout new solution and found that a fresh water spring would be appropriate.

Over a 2-month construction process, we were able to provide a protected spring, piping and water storage to provide the community with water.

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