In November, 2005, we sent our first official consultant to southern Sudan with a team from Branches to Sudan. The group brought out an EXP-50 and some VK-01 pump kits to this extremely remote area. Three wells were attempted, but no water was struck (see logs below). However, the measure of success is not in the water, but in the power of God to change lives. Locals were thoroughly trained in drilling and pump assembly. In addition, several promising follow-up drill sites were identified for the locals to drill on their own – a success that is far better for the villagers in the long run than if the foreign team had done it themselves.


Drill training to the locals

Pump training to the locals

Found follow up drill sites for the locals to attempt

November 2005

Projects in this region

Well Digging, borehole training, hygiene training, Soap Making Teaching, New Technologies Introduced, Medical Clinic Assistance, Drill Training

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