In November 2006, we had the privilege of sending Ralph Quin to Senegal to serve with a team from Rocky Creek Baptist Church in South Carolina. Ralph went along to assess the water situation and to evaluate possible solutions. The team was not able to drill a well (volcanic rock was hit at about 15 feet, and current wells were hand dug to about 200 feet over a very long period of time). However, success is not measured in gallons per minute, and the trip proved to be a valuable tool in creating in-roads to a group that had been previously hard to reach. The drilling equipment was left with local missionaries to serve in other, more suitable areas of Senegal. Our hope and prayer is that the efforts seen during this trip will help to further relationships with the people of Senegal, and that the door will be open for many more to hear the gospel.

May, 2007 saw another group from Rocky Creek go and teach soap making among the Sereer people in two villages. That outreach was instrumental in building relationships while providing a great hygiene and economic resource to the local women. The translator on that project is now able to repeat the process to teach to more villages in the area. Hydromissions is glad to have played a part in this outreach by training some of the missionaries in our soap shop before they went into the field.


Volcanic Rock disrupted the drilling of wells

Left Equipment for them to drill themselves in the future


November 2006

Projects in this region

Well Digging, borehole training, hygiene training, Soap Making Teaching, New Technologies Introduced, Medical Clinic Assistance, Drill Training

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