Playa Hermosa, Panama


The community of Playa Hermosa is situated on the mainland of Panama, but only accessible by boat. It took us about 2.5 hours to travel in our boat with a small outboard motor. The Ngobe community requested help for their school. We drilled, with Simon (our Ngobe field partner) and village volunteers, in a few different locations before we found a suitable source of water to serve the small school. The borehole well was shallow, but the recharge was sufficient for the kids to use for drinking water.

We couldn’t take any photos of the community (quite a few of the Ngobe communities do not allow photos), however we were able to take photos of our team the following morning when we were drilling before local volunteers arrived.

On our second day in Playa Hermosa, we drilled another well. This one was deeper with better recharge and would serve more of the homes, while the first well was just for the school kids.

The community was very happy with the drilling method and the resulting two wells. Playa Hermosa is very far from where our Field Partner, Simon, lives and where we work from in Panama. We hope to return for more projects in the community in the future, but at this time, the transport costs make it more economical to serve the communities closer to our base island.

Drilled two shallow borehole wells. One for the local school and one for the community of Playa Hermosa.

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