Pece Aywee Village


This school was founded by Opira Robert Hardy. A Christian and Rotarian with great love for disadvantaged children in Northern Uganda: He was propelled to begin this school in 2009 with first group being children orphaned by war and later, HIV AIDS.

Over the years, the school population grew rapidly and now the school has 210 pupils by the time he applied for rain water catchment project at school, however, by the time the project was being implemented the population had gone to 270 pupils, 20 teachers and 5 support staff. His biggest challenge was water to sustain the growing population of the schools all the bore holes within a span of 1.5 kilometers were dry for about half a year and soil is rocky making it impossible for our equipment to drill through.

Installed two 5,000 Liter water tanks and gutters on the school buildings. The combined total of 10,000 liters of water storage will provide drinking water to the school children, staff and four neighboring homes.

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