Isla Tigre


Isla Tigre is a large Ngobe community where we have drilled wells over the past three years. During this particular project, we drilled one well near an existing well that is used by many families. A queue of people would line up to use the well, so we drilled a second one nearby to lessen the wait time. On the other side of the island, we installed a water storage tank with a gutter system for rainwater catchment. The water tank serves a church and the surrounding homes. Isla Tigre is the birthplace of our Ngobe Field Trainer, Simon. Since Simon has many relatives on Isla Tigre, he has tried to encourage them to use well water instead of creek water. About 75% of the homes near a well are using the borehole well for drinking water while the other 25% continue to use their creek water. With the ministry side of the process, Simon has given out bibles to all of the homes and shared a bible class for a family who requested to learn more about the bible.

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