At Hydromissions, our goal is to share the love of Jesus Christ while providing access to clean water to people living in remote areas in countries all over the world. We depend on the support of people just like you to continue serving the needs of others. We trust that God will provide, and one way He will do this is through partnerships with churches, schools and other organizations. 

To get involved in what Hydromissions is doing, your church, school or group can tell people about us, allow us to speak at a meeting or event, start a fundraiser, support a project, follow us on social media and, most importantly, pray for us.

Your involvement will make a direct impact on real people by helping us battle preventable disease and death caused by water crises around the world and share the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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The district of Rubavu, Rwanda
The district of Rubavu, Rwanda 2014

Lives Touched

We built and installed a simple Canzee pump out of PVC. In the end we were able to install a working, simple pump that the women and children were are able to use. We were surprised at the type of soil we found here. We expected the water table to be much shallower. The soil here had lots of hard clay. It is also somewhat expensive here for resources, costing approximately $375 to dig, build, and establish a pump and well system. But, the items we bought were some of the best supplies that I have found in Africa. The PVC was very thick and strong, and of high quality. With Patrick and Revelier being permanent fixtures there, I truly believe that more pumps will be built.